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Field Marketing

Execution, engagement, and advocacy are critical to any brand's success. Both of our Field Marketing agencies, McCurrach & Standout, exist to deliver expert sales strategies tailored to you. Both agencies deliver unrivalled field sales and marketing services to clients across industries and channels. Your chosen agency partner will recommend the best mix of people, products and services to deliver your brand goals. Whether your needs are tactical or long term, they can help.

Increase your sales

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As one of the largest field marketing companies in the UK and Ireland, McCurrach increases sales through expert people, data & insight, and unrivalled customer relationships, giving your brand the competitive edge at the point of purchase.

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Standout deliver data-led, agile services that brands like yours need to thrive in a fast-paced and demanding environment. They’re boldly challenging the market to be better, challenging clients to try new and innovative services to get better results, and challenging the status quo when it comes to traditional strategies. This helps them make the most of emerging opportunities and keep your brand ahead of the curve.

Sales and execution

Both of our Field Marketing agencies make sure your products are front of mind for customers and consumers. By understanding and influencing the point of purchase flawlessly, their teams leverage sales, brand and customer expertise to optimise your presence.

Talk to either McCurrach or Standout about:

  • Face to face
  • On the phone
  • Digital engagement

Training and advocacy

Our Field Marketing agencies design tailored training programmes for your customers in face to face or digital settings. They deploy these on a one to one or group basis and incorporate everything from traditional learning models to gamified platforms. Everything is designed to deliver unique experiences – turning customers into true advocates of your brand.

Through blended learning, their teams inform and educate customers about your brand in a way that suits their learning style, ensuring they gain the knowledge and confidence to sell your products to consumers, ahead of your competition.

Talk to either McCurrach or Standout about:

  • Face to face training, including video chat and webinars
  • Brand events
  • Digital learning and engagement
  • Incentive and advocacy programmes

Brand insight

Get an invaluable customer and consumer eye view of your brand by seeing what they see at the point of purchase. Combine this with insight on what they think, and it becomes even more powerful.

McCurrach & Standout’s services enable you to mystery shop and capture what the customer thinks – to improve how you sell to them, or to create an action plan that enhances your brand's execution and visibility at the point of purchase.

Talk to either McCurrach or Standout about:

  • Customer insight
  • Consumer insight
  • Execution insight at the point of purchase

Customer engagement

Engage directly with your consumers – wherever they meet your brand. Online or in person, our expert brand ambassador teams will convert them into buyers. We always deliver your goals, whether that’s influencing sales, delivering messages, or putting your product in the hands of consumers to sample for themselves.

Ambassadors also gather valuable data and insights, which our Field Marketing agencies uses to improve future brand experiences.

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  • Active selling teams
  • Sampling teams

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