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Digital engagement in convenience retail

Our partnership with PayPoint allows brands to directly influence over 20,000 convenience retailers by putting your brand directly in their hands through one simple app.


Driving business growth in convenience by connecting retailers and brands


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MyStore+ is an app that both brands and retailers can use to drive sales growth. The platform helps brands influence and communicate efficiently with UK convenience retailers – supplying advice, offers and rewards at any time.

For brands

MyStore+ enables sales growth by connecting brands with thousands of engaged convenience retailers across the UK.Being able to offer the retailer incentives and rewards through an app, this minimises the need for store visits – and provides the brand with invaluable insights.

Brands can also provide retailers with category and brand advice, tailored to them – from range, to planogram, to POS.

MyStore+ can integrate seamlessly with a brand’s field sales strategy, or be used as a standalone communication and influence strategy.

MyStore+ literally puts your brand in the hands of more convenience retailers:

  • Influence retailers to act, whether that's buying your product, supplying insight or improving execution.
  • Access to a large captive audience of retailers who are always connected.
  • Budget friendly, reducing the need for face to face field coverage.

For retailers

MyStore+ makes it simple for retailers to grow their business through access to offers, rewards, advice and insights from leading brands across multiple categories. This means retailers don’t need to go to multiple sources to grow their business – MyStore+ puts it all within one easy to use platform. The app also provides retailers with the ability to communicate directly with brands, making the connection personal:

  • Access exclusive offers and rewards from brands so you can earn while growing your business
  • Receive category and brand advice to grow your business
  • Get tailored advice and offers for your store when you share insight and opinions with brands

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